Fashion Exists for the Full Beauty

Entrepeneurs of fashion stores seem to think that only size 0-9 exists in the fashion arena. For my sisters with a few extra pounds, let me share my shopping experience with you. I don’t know if its the same for you. Whenever I go into these “high end” stores, the clerks take one look at you and reply “Oh we don’t have your size.” When they do have your size, they carry some square looking dress or pants with the crotch long from Kingston to Negril. I am no Coke Bottle but I sure can work a dress that is properly designed for me.

“Of a body: thick and solid, although not necessarily fat. That is, nicely filled out and sensually appealing, voluptuous” are the words used to describe full figured in the Urban Dictionary. I want a definition for full beauty, that’s what I am and that’s what a number of Jamaican women are.
42-38-46 are vital statistics that society dictates as unhealthy and to add insult to injury, the woman with these stats have no place in the world of fashion.

I am not obese but my size is off your nine fingers and two thumbs, and guess what I love fashion and I love to dress up. I am working on shedding a few pounds,I am a little way off, no scratch that I am a far way off from getting there but in the meantime I want to be fashionable clothed while I am full, plump, fat or whatever jargon we are called.

So I implore more persons who own fashion empires to open clothing stores for us big gals to lavish in. We could exercise until the heavens open, we will never get to size five if we were not designed to size five women. We are heavy with hips and thighs and ass. We need jeans to hug them hips and thighs and we need tops to embrace our boobs.

full beauty

Now this is by no means an excuse for us to not do something about the extra tyres and side wings but while we have them, we still have to go to work, we still have to party and look good. Therefore, fashion entrepreneurs think about throwing in a extra dollar to buy a few plus sizes the next time you go shopping.

I for one will pay top dollar for a good jeans and a dress that is not shaped like a box…after me nuh shape like a box to buy a box dress. I know you share my sentiments.

If I had the capital I would open a store just like that. Big up to Miami Heat in Cross Roads, we need more stores like those.

Ladies, this is just a taste of what is yet to come in my magazine which will be available soon. Designed by a full beauty and created for full beauties.

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